Golf Tips

Chip-Putt Technique

Setting up with the shaft of the club verticle will allow the rounded toe of the clubface to get to the bottom of the ball. This is not only where the bulk of the weight of the club is, it also has twice the amount of groves. The combination of these two promotes more spin for control and gets the ball up quicker.

Use a strong grip. This means you should be able to see 3 knuckles on your forward hand. Only the thumb and forefinger of the rear hand should pinch the club. Get out on the end of the club. This will force you to stand tall. The ball should be no more than 10 inches from your toes and between the middle and rear of your stance.

Using a putt stroke, keep the club low and slow on the backstroke, brushing the grass. The length of the back stroke and forward stroke should be no higher than your ankles. On the follow thru allow the thumb on the rear hand to rotate to the top of the club shaft resulting in the toe of the club pointing toward the sky. This will release the clubface, transferring the maximum amount of built up kinetic energy from the club head to the ball and force a low trajectory which promotes the ball rolling further.

Allow the heel of the rear foot to come up, promoting the hips, stomach and chest to turn toward the target. The arms and hands will follow.

Find a spot 4-6 inches in front of the ball along the target line to throw the clubhead over. Hold the finish until the ball stops rolling.