Golf Tips

Never Surrender Control of the Ball

I was at a dinner party the other night listening to the host talk about an amazing golf shot he made. He was playing a course in Napa Valley and the wind was whirling. The hole was a par 3 with an island green. He made a common mistake among recreational golfers. The wind was blowing left to right so he chose to aim over the water to the left and hit a fade. His strategy was to let the wind carry his ball back to the right and drop it on the green. High risk, low reward. Fortunately for him, his shot was high so the wind grabbed the ball, blew it back to the right and dropped it on the green. It was a great golf story.

However, I didn't have the heart to tell him that his strategy was all wrong. What if the wind suddenly died? My friends golf ball would have landed in the water and he probably would't be telling that story. Or what if the wind suddenly had a gust. His ball would have been in the water on the other side of the green. Not a good story to tell.

The proper strategy would have been to aim for the right side of the green and hit a draw in to the wind. You never aim at a hazard because you just might hit it straight and you never surrender control of your golf ball.