Golf Tips

Get A Grip on Chipping & Pitching

Grip style has an affect on how the club face contacts the ball. For chipping, try using a strong grip which means you should see at least 3 knuckles on your top hand or forward hand. Then place the other hand as you normally do. This will close the club face at impact so remember to ask a little too the right. It will create a lower trajectory causing the ball to roll out further.

For a high to mid pitch shot use a week grip. That means you should only see one knuckle on the top hand or forward hand. This will cause the ball to go higher and land soft. Remember, when pitching to stop the front arm at your hip and follow through with your rear arm. This will throw the ball high. The distance is a result of the length of the back swing. Start with only a 25% back swing or no higher than your knees. If you want it to go further, change the club not your back swing.