Golf Tips

Taller Makes Short Better

A lot of recreational golfers struggle with chunking or blading chip shots. This usually happens late in a round. On the first hole, we are fresh and full of energy but as the round continues we get tired so our posture changes. The more we bend over, the more the toe of the club comes up. Then we begin to swing up and down with our head. This changes our center of gravity. The combination of these two causes a golfer to either top the ball or hit behind the ball.

The solution is simple. Stand taller. That's it, stand taller. As you stand taller, it promotes getting closer to the ball. In fact, the heel of the club may come up a little bit causing you to hit the ball off the toe. There is more weight and groves on the toe which assists in getting the ball up in the air with more spin. Also, by standing taller, your posture will maintain consistency throughout the swing.

Practice initially from the edge of the green to build your confidence. Remember the chest begins the swing and the arms follow then the hands. The chest then turns toward the target while the arms and hands follow through. The club will fall gracefully behind the ball. Finish by allowing your thumbs to point at the intended target. This releases the ball to roll out further. The longer the ball rolls the better your distance and direction. Begin with a 8 iron then a pitching wedge and sand wedge.