Golf Tips

Play It Forward

I have conducted thousands of playing lessons. The most common challenge I see is over swinging. The root cause is club selection. Not hitting the right club for the distance you are trying to carry the ball. Golf was set up for the approach shot to be inside 170 yards. This begins with choosing the right tee box. So how do you do that?

Golf courses have 4 Par 3s which are not considered a "Drive" so a round of golf is comprised of 14 drives. Multiply those 14 drives by the average distance you hit your drives.

Next, when you include the Par 3s a round of golf has 18 approach shots. Multiply those 18 approach shots by the distance you hit your 7 iron. Add it to the combined distances of your drives. This is the tee boxes you should be playing.

In this example, let's assume your average drive is 225 yards. The 7 iron should be 60% of that distance which calculates to 134 yards. Multiply 225 yards by your 14 drives and multiply your 18 approach shots by the 134 yards you hit your average 7 iron. That totals 5560 yards which is the tee box you should be using.

If you use this formula when choosing which tee box to hit from, you will find golf a lot more enjoyable.