Golf Tips

Pre-Putt Routine

Develop a good pre-putt routine and make your routine more important than the outcome of the putt itself. Remember KISS, keep it super simple. Make sure it’s easy enough to do the same way every time.

First, I start behind the ball. I take an imaginary golf ball and practice rolling the ball to the hole. This will begin to create a good feel for the break, path direction and speed of the putt.

Second, I walk halfway to the hole on the low side. I'm looking at whether the hole is above or below the ball. Then I face the hole and with my feet I feel the break of the putt.

Third, I stand behind the hole and look at the last 3 feet of the putt. It's the last 3 feet, as the ball slows down and gravity takes hold of it, that has the greatest affect on whether you make the putt or not. 

Lastly, as I walk back to the ball I look down at the hole and read the edge of the cup for the direction of the grain. I then count my steps back to the ball to get the distance.

I put all of the information I just gathered in to my rehearsal putt stroke. I take serval rehearsal putt strokes while looking at the hole to create good feel for the putt stroke through eye-hand coordination. In less than 2 seconds, I transition from the rehearsal putt stroke to the actual putt stroke. You play the way your practice so the quicker your transition is the more your actual putt stroke will mirror the rehersal putt stroke.

If you are interested in the details of my pre-putt routine, contact me for a lesson package at The Putt Whisperer 239-450-1636.