Golf Tips

Keys to Putting

Proper thumb position creates the proper eye position over the target line while dominant eye position equals ball position along the target line. When your eye that is closest to the target is dominant, ball position is then 1 ball in front of center mass. When your eye that is farthest from the target is dominant, ball position is center mass.

Every golfer falls in to 1 of 3 putt stroke thoughts. Either back of the hand toward the target (Dave Stockton), palm of the hand toward the target (Greg Norman) or forearm toward the target (Stan Utley).

3 characteristics of every putt are: Every putt is makeable as long as the speed is right; Every putt is straight; You can only control the first 3 feet of any putt while the last 3 feet has the greatest impact on the putt.

Low and slow on the back stroke promotes finishing high on the follow through promoting top spin or true roll. Finish high with the putter face square to the target until the ball stops rolling. Putt-n-hold!

Instead of spot putting over a spot 4 to 6 inches in front of the ball, putt through a field goal ⅓ the distance from the target. Control your misses by controlling the size of the field goal.

Take several practice strokes while looking at the target to groove the proper path direction and calibrate distance control.

Throughout the putt stroke either look at the hole or follow the ball to the target with your eyes.