Golf Tips

The Secret To Hitting More Greens

To hit more greens in regulation, a golfer needs to control the bottom of their club. When you are in the fairway, a key to controlling the bottom of your club is focusing on the ground just in front of the ball.

Good tempo and balance are paramount to a good swing. A good pre-shot routine sets your tempo and balance. First, set up a couple of feet behind the ball along the target line. Put your feet together and make several swings at half speed. Each time you swing the club, look down the target line at your landing area. Once you feel a good balanced swing, transition to behind the ball. Next, instead of looking at the ball or just behind the ball, focus on the ground just in front of the ball. Aim small miss small so stare at a blade of grass an inch or two in front of the ball. Then make a swing with the same tempo and balance. Your follow through should end with you looking at your landing area. Lastly, hold the finish until the ball lands.