Golf Tips

Accuracy Off The Tee

If given the choice of greater accuracy or greater distance off the tee, most would incorrectly choose greater distance.

Recreational golfers are consumed with getting more distance off the tee. Driving distances on the LPGA range between 225 yards and 275 yards which is greater than the average driving distance for a recreational golfer. Swing speeds of LPGA players range between 80 and 100 RPMs which is the same range for recreational golfers.

The difference is in the spin rate of the ball. LPGA players have an average spin rate of below 2500 RPMs while recreational golfers are over 3000 RPMs. Lower spin rates equal greater distances with greater accuracy. In order to create lower spin rates, simply hit up on your drives.

I use a pre-shot routine that creates tempo and balance. Put your feet together and take several practice swings. Look down the fairway at your target and maintaining your balance while feeling yourself hit up. This is your proper tempo.

Hint: Once your tempo feels smooth, your balance is good and you have created a good image of the target in your mind, step up and hit the ball within a count of 3. Your mind and body recalibrates every 8 seconds. The longer your transition takes from pre-shot to actual swing, the worse the outcome is. Ideal range is between 2-3 seconds.