Golf Tips

Key To Good Putting Is Speed Control

A great drill to find your speed control each time you play is to practice putting at a hole from 15 feet. The goal is to putt 12 inches past the hole then putt to the hole then putt 12 inches in front of the hole.

To do this, finish the putter higher to roll the putt past the hole. Second putt, finish not quite as high as the 1st putt. Last putt, finish the not as high as the 2nd putt. Remember, speed control is not about hitting the putt harder or softer. Its about the length of the back stroke and the height of the finish. Maintain the same tempo for every putt.

Hint: Follow the ball to the hole with your eyes. This will free up your putt stroke and allow you to see the path to the hole. If you have ever gone to a bowling alley, you watch the bowling ball as it rolls down the lane toward the pins. You don't keep your head down or stare at the ground. You gracefully watch the ball roll toward the pins. It is the same with putting.