Golf Tips

The Chip Shot

The definition of a chip shot is when the ball spends less time in the air and more time on the ground. The strategy of the chip shot is to land the ball on the edge of the green and roll it to the hole. The more time the ball spends on the ground, the more accuracy and speed control you have. Choose the club that will get the ball on the edge of the green and roll the rest of the way. Begin with the highest lofted club and go down one club for every 3 paces on to the green you want it to roll.

Ball position is off the back foot, hands and weight are forward. The easiest and most consistent way to get in to the proper set up. Put your back foot just behind the ball with the club face square to the target then set your front foot either square or slightly open.

Swing your arms, shoulders and hips in sync on the back swing as well as the forward swing. This will prevent chubs or chunks. The goal is to sweep the grass by sliding the club face under the ball at impact.