Golf Tips

Be More Target Oriented & Make More Putts

Many times golfers are overwhelmed by the mechanics of the putt stroke and loose focus of the real goal, to make the putt.

One of my favorite quarterbacks in the NFL was Ken Stabler of the Oakland Raiders. He threw side arm and violated almost every technique used by today's NFL quarterbacks. He often threw off balanced, falling, off one leg, on the run, in the opposite direction or under handed. He was successful because he was so target oriented. He wasn't overly concerned with the process only the end result. And he did all of this in less than 5 seconds.

Golfer's would be a lot happier with their putting if they stopped focusing on the process and focused more on the target. I teach my golfer's to look at the hole while putting. So much has been talked about Jordan Spieth looking at the hole while he putts because he won the Masters. I wish more players would adopt his routine. When looking at the hole, a golfer becomes very target oriented. Although Jordan only looks at the hole on his short putts, I look at the hole from any distance.

Begin with 3 foot putts. I was once asked if I could teach only one thing that would ensure a golfer would make 100% of their 3 foot putts what would it be. My answer was simple, look at the hole. Look at the hole and simply roll the putt in to the hole. Nothing about keeping your head steady, alignment, tempo, back of the left hand to the hole, palm to the hole, forearm to the hole, finishing low and slow or finishing high. Just look at the hole.

After making 10 putts in a row from 3 feet move out to 4 feet, then 5, 6 etc. I caution everyone not to take this to the course too soon. On the practice green there's no harm no foul if you miss a putt. However, on the course when you have some skin in the game because the putt means more, looking at the hole becomes a little bit more unsettling. Work on putts inside of 10 feet first until you can take those putts to the course. 70% of all putts come from within 10 feet. As you become proficient at looking at the hole inside 10 feet then you can proceed to longer putts.

Success with anything comes confidence which comes from trust. The more success you have with looking at the hole the more confidence you will have in using it and the more trust you will have in the routine. One feeds off the other. There is no short cut so practice, practice, practice.