Golf Tips

Short Game

Chipping, Pitching and Bunker shots have several similar characteristics. All three require slightly more weight on the front foot, 60/40 ratio. All three require a flat shoulder turn. All three require a natural hinging of the wrist, progressively more as you go from chipping to pitching to bunker. All three have the same landing spot on the green which is just at the edge of the green allowing the loft of the club to determine how much the ball will roll out toward the hole. More loft means higher shot trajectory and less roll out. All three require the butt of the club to point at the front hip in order to ensure the hands stay in front of the ball to produce a higher lofted shot trajectory.

The only two differences are chipping and pitching require more of a body turn while bunker shots are more of a shoulder turn and the ball position of a chip is off the back foot, ball position of a pitch is from the middle of the stance and ball position of a bunker shot is off the inside of the front foot.

Remember, the worst the lie is the more loft you need so the ball does not come out hot.