Golf Tips

It All Begins With The Grip

Although I am the Putt Whisperer, I often help golfers improve their golf swing. A golf swing begins with the grip. The goal of the grip is to compliment the golf swing. Regardless of the grip used, the club should lay in the fingers not the palm. Most of us have 2 lines in our hand that are located toward the bottom of the hand or closest to the fingers. The club should rest along these 2 lines.

As for the actual grip, an interlock grip can cause too much grip pressure. On a scale of 1 to 10, ideal grip pressure is considered to be about a 4. Try interlocking your fingers while maintaining light grip pressure. Its near impossible.

Another style is the baseball grip. This style can cause the hands to work too independently. If the trail hand becomes too dominant during the golf swing it can either cause a slice by blocking the shot or just the opposite, a hook by rolling the forearm over too far.

The best grip is an overlap. The lowest hand on the club is the trail hand and should overlap the highest hand on the club which is the forward hand or also known as the power hand. This allows the power hand to stay in control throughout the golf swing. It also makes it easier to control grip pressure. Simply lay the last finger of the trail hand on top of the forefinger of the power hand. Then create separation between the forefinger and the middle finger of the trail hand. This will aid in relaxing your grip pressure and ensure the power hand is the dominant hand throughout the golf swing for greater accuracy and distance.

If you let your arms relax and hang down notice how you can only see the first 2 knuckles on either hand. When you see 2 knuckles on your power hand it is considered neutral and used for a normal golf shot. To create a draw, you should see 3 knuckles on the power hand. For a fade, you should only see 1 knuckle.