Golf Tips

Course Management

While working with one of my golfers today I summarized course management for him.

When standing on the tee box, look at the total distance of the hole then divide that yardage by the strokes you are allotted to reach the green.

For example, on a 360 yard par 4 you would divide by 2 which is 180 and hit your 180 yard club twice to reach the green. On a 510 par 5, divide by 3 which is 170 yards and hit your 170 yard club 3 times.

The alternative is to play to your favorite yardage. For example, if your 8 iron is your favorite club and you hit it 140 yards then play to that distance. So, on a 360 yard par 4 tee off with the club that will get you to the 140 yard marker which is your 200 yard club.

Remember, 3 bad shots and 1 good putt is par.