Golf Tips

3 Bad Shots & 1 Good Putt

The third round of the Masters ended with Jordan Spieth hitting a bad tee shot in to the tree line then pushes his approach shot to the fight of the green and finally chipping on to the green 12 feet past the hole. However, he made a brilliant putt to save par. Three bad shots followed by one good putt equals par.

The next time you go to the course to practice remember this formula then decide where you should spend your time practicing. 43% of your score comes from putting, 32% of your score comes from chipping, pitching and sand saves , 19% of our score comes from the tee shot and only 6% comes from the fairway.

Begin by having your putter custom fit to your putting tendencies. Ideal swing weight is 345 grams or on the swing chart between a C1 and D9. The length of the putter helps proper eye position and ball position and promotes proper alignment. Grip size will soften grip pressure to allow for proper rotation throughout the putt stroke. Lie angle allows for the bottom of the putter to rest on the ground so the MOI of the putter is maximized. Loft angle gets the ball up on the top of the grass rolling with top spin. Grooves on the face of the putter to eliminate dimple error along with putting weight behind the putter face creating a low center of gravity to promote true roll toward the intended target.

A lot goes in to choosing the proper putter. Seek out a PGA professional who specializes in putting and be custom fit for your next putter. Then follow my putting drills and tips to improve your putting and lower your handicap.