Golf Tips

Putting Tip for Distance Control

Putting a ball to a specific distance is basic physics. Its controlling the amount of energy built up in the putter head and transferring it to the ball.

To see this, place a putter head behind the ball and hold the top of it between your thumb and forefinger. Then using your other hand, pull the putter back about 6 inches and let it go. As the putter head falls forward it builds up energy. When it strikes the back of the ball that energy transfers to the ball causing it to roll forward. Then take a second ball and using the same process pull the putter back 12 inches. It will roll twice the distance of the first ball. That is distance control.

At some point you will reach a limit to how far you can pull the putter head back. Efficiently transferring the energy will increase the distance the ball rolls out and is done by increasing the launch angle or rise angle after impact.

Set your feet shoulder width apart. End the back stroke at your rear foot then on the follow through hold the putter head 4 to 6 inches above the ground after impact. Next, using the same process hold the putter head 8 to 10 inches above the ground after impact. Look at the difference in the distance of both putts. The higher the finish the more efficiently the energy is transferred and the greater the top spin on the ball. 

Use the clock drill to find how far to pull the putter head back and how high to hold the finish for different distances.