Golf Tips

Putting Tip #2 Eye Position

First you need to determine your dominant eye. Place a golf ball on the ground. Hold your hands at arms length directly in front you with your thumbs touching. Then overlap your fingers from your right hand on to the top of your left hand. This should create a small opening between your hands and your thumbs. Look through this opening at the golf ball you placed on the ground. The only thing visible should be the golf ball.

Close your left eye. If the golf ball is still visible then you are right eye dominant. If the golf ball disappears then you are left eye dominant.

Your eyes should be in the same vertical plane as the ball and your target line or aim line. This puts your line of sight in a straight line to the target. If your eyes are inside the aim line the perception of the hole shifts right. If your eyes are outside the aim line the perception of the hole shifts left.