Golf Tips

Putting Tip #42 Choosing a Triple Bend Putter Shaft Angled Back

A right eye dominant golfer with an open stance and who keeps their hands behind the ball would be best fitted with a triple bend putter shaft which tilts back from the ball. The arms and shoulders rock back and forth creating 4-5 degrees of loft so a less lofted putter should be selected. Although the shoulders, hips and feet are open the eyes should be parallel to the target line. This keeps the optical perception straight down the target line. An open stance promotes aiming right so add more off set to bring the aimpoint left. The putter face should be center shafted to promote a pure in line stroke. Personally I do not like toe hung putters or a arc putting stroke. Too many moving parts. Most casual golfers have too strong of a grip and do not release the putter head leaving the putter face open at impact. If their grip pressure is too light the putter will generally close at impact sending the ball left of the target. A stroke needs to be repeatable so keep it super simple (KISS).