Golf Tips

Putting Tip #40 Choosing A Center Shafted Straight Putter Hosel

Golfers are more critical of their own game than I could ever be. The problem is, in golf, you could be blaming the wrong part of your game. In golf, quite often it could be the putter not the golfer. Have you ever stood over a putt convinced you have made the putt but at the last second the ball lips out of the cup? A lot of golfers choose a putter based on a commercial or their favorite tour player uses it.

We have accepted that custom clubs improve our game but we forget about the putter. The one club we use the most. The putter accounts for 43% of your strokes. Putters are designed to promote proper alignment and stroke mechanics for different types of golfers.

A center shafted putter with a straight hosel that is face balanced works well for golfers who are right eye dominant. Weight should be evenly distributed between both feet, the eyes, shoulders, hips and feet should be parallel to the target line. The shoulders rock back and forth. This allows the putter to continue down the target line with a 2-3 degree rise angle at impact. Hands should remain behind the putter face throughout the stroke.