Golf Tips

Putting Tip #28 Reading the Green Using Your Left Brain

A very common request I get in my putting clinincs is how to read greens. If this is a challenge for you too, let me help dispell the myth that you can't read greens. Next time you are standing over a putt, instead of putting it, pick up the ball and simply roll it to hole. If you don't make it, I bet the ball lands beside the hole.
One side of our brain uses feel and the other side of our brain uses touch. The goal in putting is to get both sides of our brain communicating with one another. To illustrate this, set a ball 20-30 feet from the hole. Standing behind the ball you just set on the ground, place another ball in your power hand and roll it to the hole. Then immediately stet up and putt the other ball. As you repeat this drill from different postions and distances you will notice the two balls begin tracking one another closer and closer. The ball you are rolling uses feel or your left brain to make the putt and is usually the most accurate. The ball you putt uses touch or your right brain and sees the break but often gets in the way of just rolling the putt to the hole. Johnny Miller stated he was a good feel putter when he was 16 years old and probably the best putter of his career then he became to smart for his own good and began listening to his right brain.
Feel is the ability to read the putt and touch is the ability to make the putt. So practice rolling the ball to the hole and immediately drop another ball and putt it to the hole. Over time you will be able to walk up to a putt, walk the hole and make the putt.