Golf Tips

Putting Tip #23 Proper Order of Correction of your Putting Stroke

1) Neutral Set Up-Custom fit putter (Use A2 x B2 = C2) then proper thumb position creates proper eye position which creates proper ball position.
2) Aiming-The last thing you see is the first thing you hit.
3) Rhythm & Timing-Simplify your stroke by keeping it toe to toe at your BPM (Beats Per Minute).
4) Dynamics-Accelerate through the ball by shortening your back stroke.
5) Rotation-PILS (Pure In Line Stroke) using a bigger grip help will reduce rotation.
6) Face Angle at Impact-Putter face follows rear forearm and has 83% affect on the balls direction.
7) Path Direction-The length of your putt is determined by the length of your stroke which is determined by the width of your stance.
8) Impact Spot- Aim small miss small.
9) Loft- Promote hands through the ball first.
10) Rise Angle - Keep putting stroke low.