Golf Tips

Putting Tip #1 Thumb Position

Ensure your shoulders are square with the target line by placing your eyes directly over the ball or the cross hair on the Putt Whisperer’s putter head and raising your hands to shoulder level. Do this several times until you feel comfortable you are parallel with the target line. Lower your hands in a relaxed position. The thumb position of your low hand should be 8½ inches down the putter grip. If it is not then either lengthen or shorten your putter shaft until the thumb position of your low hand is 8½ inches from the top. The Putt Whisperer’s grip has your proper thumb position already marked.

Proper thumb position places your eye position directly over the target line or the cross hair of the Putt Whisperer’s putter head which puts the ball position exactly 2 inches in front of your eye position and allows you to look directly down the target line. This is considered to be the optimum view of the target. Your ball position may vary depending upon whether or not you are right eye or left eye dominant. Optimum ball position squares your shoulders to the target. This is the proper set-up for every putt .

To create confidence and increase consistency in your putting stroke, use the warm up routine Stroke, Pace and Path and on the course use the pre-shot routine Feel It, See It and Putt It.