Golf Tips

Putting Tip #6 Head Position

The head should be flat or parallel to the ground with your chin tucked. When your head is tilted and your chin is up your perspective shifts to the right by bending your target line. The wrong optical perspective is the cause of more missed putts than a poor stroke.

Your eyes are set side by side so when standing behind the ball and looking directly at the hole each eye sees the same target line. For this reason, set your ball with the balance line or logo aimed down the target line at the hole then leave your ball mark and step back a few feet. This is the best place to confirm the balance line or logo is pointing directly down your target line. If you need to make adjustments, do so then step back and reconfirm your balance line or logo is pointing down your target line before picking up your ball marker.

For additional alignment, some golfers use an intermediate spot six inches in front of the ball on the target line then roll the ball over that spot. This promotes the putter face releasing down the target line at the hole.